Mixed Fortunes

Appraoching the halfway stage of the season, AC Guitars Kingholm are starting to hit the right notes, but RWS Forestry St Michael’s continue to struggle…

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Sposorship Continues

St Michael’s Cricket Club is extremely pleased to announce that they have secured continued sponsorship for their junior section with local financial adviser Iain Dalling.

Saints will use Iain’s support to continue to build and develop the youth section of the club, which currently has nine Under 17s and 14 U13s taking part in training every week, and representing the club in various sides throughout the cricket season.

Iain said “It’s a pleasure to continue to support St. Michael’s. The youngsters who attend all have a great time; get excellent coaching and are always on the lookout for new members. I hope my sponsorship continues to help the youngsters and the club develop.”

Iain Dalling with some of the junior players

Saints junior head coach Davey Fallas added “On behalf of the club and especially the many juniors we have here at Saints, I’d like to thank Iain for this valued support. Without sponsorship like this from Iain Dalling – True Potential Wealth Partner, many local sports clubs would struggle to make ends meet.

“This sponsorship will be used to continue to develop our successful youth programme, which we estimate will see five home grown players in the 1st X1 and six home grown players in the 2nd X1 side this season.”