Subscriptions 2016

Subscriptions for the 2016 season have been set at the following levels:

Full playing member
Unemployed/student member
Non-Playing member
New Players
Midweek/Sundays only

To comply with Western Union League registration rules, all subscriptions must be paid before 1st May 2016 and for new members must be accompanied by a current passport size photograph. Players who fail to comply with this requirement cannot expect to be selected for League fixtures and registration of late applicants with the Western Union may take up to two weeks.

Proposed match fees for League fixtures will be £5 per home game, £7.50 per away game.

If you need to make special arrangements to pay your subscription, you must contact the Club Treasurer before 1st April.

Subscriptions can be paid at the indoor net sessions each Spring.

revised 26/03/16